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Вопрос от #35706 43 дня назад

Второе задание (Task 2) ответить на первый вопрос Как вы думаете какой была жизнь до появления мобильных телефонов?

Ответ от Дарья

In my opinion it was very slow life. I can't imagine life without using mobile phone. I think that it is inconvenient to write letters and wait long weeks or months to get answer. I don't speak on the phone. I use my mobile phone for surfing the Internet, for sending messages. Today mobiles phone has made our life so easy for daily life activities. Today, one can assess the live traffic situation on mobile phone and take appropriate decisions to reach on time. Along with it the weather updates, booking a cab and many more. No, I think it is essential part of our life now. It's part of our body now, like brain or hand. Yes, because good devices cost a lot of money. Good device could show taste of its owner and his or her status. Of course, because I can call my friends or parents on difficult situation, I can find my way on the map.