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Страница 210 номер 3,нужно составить текст, отвечая на вопросы, чтобы получилось про ваш придуманный центр отдыха, там может быть все, что угодно, пример, как должен выглядеть текст прикрепила после вопросов

Ответ от Дарья

1. The name of my leisure centre is Family Club. 2. We offer a great range of activities - swimming, playing water polo, pool games, massage and sauna. 3. Every zone is available for children, except SPA zone. It is available for children with parents only. 4. We believe that water is the best source of relaxation. Swimming and having activity in water are good ways to keep fit and stay healthy. 5. We have all modern leisure and sporting facilities in Family Club. 6. We are glad to welcome you every day from 8:00 to 21:00. It costs 600 Roubles per hour to have limitless access to all activities. 300 Roubles per hour if you decide to swim or to play games or to visit spa zone. 7. I think that we don't need to make a brochure, it is better to make a web page and an instagram account.