Английский язык, 11 класс


Вопрос от Михаил 12 дней назад

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Ответ от Дарья

По правилам сайта в одном вопросе может быть выполнено только одно задание. Выполняю первое, остальные задайте отдельными вопросами. 1. A school should always have a soul. There should always be laughter ringing through the corridors. 2. Students should not be forced to study. Should be changed the impersonal attitude of teachers who do everything for the results instead of creating happy moments and valuable life experience for students. Schools should help students to grow as individuals. Students should be free to ask questions. Teachers should teach differences instead of making everyone normal. And school should develop creativity and dreams. 3. Because when students have freedom, they want to search for information and answers and they learn more from their own experience.