Английский язык, 5 класс


Вопрос от Реана Джемилева 3422 дня назад

Помогите написать сочинение на тему ,,Лондон"по английски.

Ответ от Евгения Харламова

London is not only the capital of the most important English-speaking country. It’s also one of the largest and most beautiful cities in the world. The population of London at the moment is more than 8 million people. Besides, London is inhabited by people of almost all nationalities and races. The city lies on both banks of river Thames. The most important parts of London are: the City, the East End, the West end and Westminster. The busiest part is, of course, the City. Thousands of companies, business organizations, banks and offices are situated there and millions of people work there on daily basis. The West End and the East End classification shows that London has still class distinction system. The West End is traditionally inhabited by rich and successful people. Besides, almost all the city theaters, museums, galleries, posh shops and restaurants are situated in West End area. East End is the place where working class lives. This district is not as rich as others and has fewer parks. Westminster area contains many sightseeing buildings. The most famous of all is the Westminster Abbey. It’s the place where many prominent Englishmen are buried. Among them Charles Darwin, Isaac Newton, Alfred Tennyson and many others. London is full of places of interest. When tourists arrive there, they want to see the Piccadilly Street, which is especially beautiful at night, the Baker Street, the place where Sherlock Holmes lived and worked, the Tower, which is famous as home of the Crown Jewels, the Hyde Park with its Speaker’s Corner, the Museum of Madame Tussauds and many others. One of the favourite tourist attractions is London Eye. It’s one of the largest Ferris wheels in the world.