Английский язык, 11 класс


Вопрос от Альбина 4 дня назад

По теме: "Some people think that to be a success you need talent; others believe that hard work can compensate for the lack of it" в формате ЕГЭ написать аргумент против, начиная со слов They suggest that..., разрушение аргумента оппонента One should take into account the fact that и вывод All in all, Противоположная точка зрения: Some opponents might stick to the point if a person is not talented, he or she will hardly succeed.

Ответ от Дарья

Everyone wants to achieve success. Some people believe that it is necessary to be talented to achieve success, whereas others think that hard work can compensate the lack of talent. There are people who suggest that not only talent makes sense. Nowadays it is more important to be hard-working. Also ability to quickly learn something new is obviously important. Also one should have an ability to adopt to different changes, because there are a lot of things changing everyday. So hard and regular work values more than just talent. There are people who have the opposing opinion, for them talent is a more important than hard work. They justify that position by claiming that the more time you spend working, the less abilities and effectiveness you have. In their viewpoint only hard work couldn't create difficult and unusual things. However veracious it sounds, I would not agree with the above mentioned idea. Even world famous scientists, musicians, actors and others often tells that they could do nothing without long times working hard. To conclude, I am convinced that everyone should find his or her talent and work hard every day to make it special.