Английский язык, 8 класс


Вопрос от Terry 128 дней назад

Homework. Ex.4 p.79- напишите предложения в страдательном залоге, подчеркните страдательный залог, предложения переведите. PS-есть предложения в настоящем, прошедшем и будущем временах

Ответ от Дарья

1. The play will be remembered. 2. A loud noise was heard by people in the garden. 3. The carpet will not be cleaned by Ann tomorrow. 4. It will be done by her next Saturday. 5. What will be grown in the kitchen garden in summer by you? 6. Your help won't be forgotten by me. 7. English is spoken by them in their club. 8. All endangered birds was not included on the list. 9. A new discovery will be made soon by them. 10. Will the emblem of our club be drawn by somebody?