Английский язык, 8 класс


Вопрос от Terry 151 день назад

Выбрать одну из картин на стр.57 и описать ее по вопросами: Questions: What is the title of the picture? Who created(painted) it? What genre is it? A landscape? A portrait? (другие жанры) What colors do you see most of in this work of art? What objects or shapes do you see first in this painting? What is the mood(настроение) of painting? What music would you choose to this picture? What is the main idea of the picture?

Ответ от Дарья

The title of the picture is "Goldfish". It was painted by Henry Matisse. It is animal painting in post-impressionism style. The goldfish immediately attract our attention due to their color. The bright orange strongly contrasts with pink and green that surround the fish bowl and the blue-green background. Firstly i see goldfishes in this picture, because they are colored in bright orange. This color create a mood of happiness and also a feeling of calmness. When I see this picture I hear Tchaikovsky music playing in my head. Goldfish is an illustration of some of the major themes in Matisse's art work: his use of colors, his appeal for relaxation for the viewer, his decorative manner of painting.