Вопрос от Екатерина

Английский язык

7 класс

Сделайте описание планшета или телефона или игровой приставки на английском языке и опишите понравился ли он вам какие черты понравились,какие нет.Рекомендуете его?Пжжжжжж срочно!!!!!!!!!



Ответ от Екатерина

Cell phones are a big part of our lives, in fact, it would be rather difficult to function in today’s society without your mobile. Whether we like it or not, our cell phones are part of our everyday lives, and without them most of us tend to feel a little lost. Mobile phone is a very useful device. The main advantage of a phone is that you can keep in touch with people in any place and in any time. It is very useful if you need help. Modern mobile phones are multi-function. You can play games, listen to music, find information in the Internet, take photos and so on. We take it use it everywhere. It helps you not to be bored. But there are some disadvantages. People see each other less frequently. The next disadvantage of mobile phones is their harmful influence on people’s health. I think that nowadays mobile phones are an integral part of life of any person. I personally need it every day. I need to call my parents or my friends. It helps me to keep in touch with my friends and relatives in any time. I also listen to music and find the information I need in it.