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Страницы 117-118,упражнение №4 а Нужно из этого большого текста составить текст на 10-12 предложений ,не меняя слов просто написать В меньшем объеме текст ,что он дан. Главные мысли ,названия и т.д.



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Сложно составить текст на 10-12 предложений из текста, в котором их всего 8 :) может быть, такой вариант Вам подойдет: The stone monument of the Great Sphinx(magic animal with man’s head and body of a lion) is 20 meters high was built 4500 years ago near the pyramids at Giza. In Giza also stands the biggest pyramid the Great Pyramid. Pharaohs were sometimes buried inside pyramids. These ancient graves were so big that people could see how great pharaohs were. One of the youngest pharaohs in Acient Egypt was Tutankhamen. His famous gold mask was found among the treasures in his grave, which is situated near the acient city of Thebes.