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10 класс

Написать отзыв\рецензию на любую достопримечательность Санкт-Петербурга. Отзыв должен быть по плану как в приложенной картинке.



Ответ от Лев

Hermitage is most famous visitor attraction, it is known as one of the world's greatest treasuries of art and antiquities. The bulk of the Hermitage collection is housed in the Winter Palace, formerly the official residence of the Romanov Tsars, and its several annexes. It is situated on Dvortsovaya Ploschad (Palace Square). It is the central square of St. Petersburg, which conjoins some of the city's major landmarks and monuments. With over 3 million items in its collection, it also definitely rewards repeat visits, and new-comers can only hope to get a brief taste of the riches on offer here. You can see Impressionist masterpieces here. Also you have the chance to see fascinating Oriental treasures. But most people who go there not only enjoy paintings, but also like to walk through all historical buildings. Originally, the only building housing the collection was the "Small Hermitage". Today, apart from the Small Hermitage, the museum also includes the "Old Hermitage" (also called "Large Hermitage"), the "New Hermitage", the "Hermitage Theatre", and the "Winter Palace", the former main residence of the Russian tsars. I would definitely recommend the Hermitage, because it is one of the largest artistic and cultural and historical museums in Russia and one of the largest in the world. If you go there on the third Thursday of the month, you will have a free entrance to the museum. It's perfect place to learn something new about history.